Mr Sukdev Singh PBS


Mr Sukdev Singh PBS

Mr Sukdev Singh is the managing director of TOP GUARD SECURITY AGENCY . A retiree from the Singapore Armed Forces, he has contributed nearly three decades of service. He has received many awards for his contributions, responsibilities and outstanding discipline. One of his treasured memories was on 31 st October 1995 from Dr Tony Tan (Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Security & Defence (Prime Minister's Office). Dr Tony Tan presented the Efficiency Medal, the Efficiency Medal (Military) and the Long Service Medal to Mr Sukdev Singh.

In 1996 Mr Sukdev Singh decided to establish a security service company. With his vast experience, commitment and determination he was granted from the Crime Investigation Branch of Singapore a valid operational Security License. Mr. Sukdev Singh had been recognised by the Security Association ( Singapore ) as a Certified Security Manager and Certified Security Professional.

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TOP GUARD SECURITY AGENCY was since established under the influential and command of Mr Sukdev Singh and has since progressed gradually into a striving force in Singapore as TOP GUARD SECURITY MANAGEMENT PTE LTD . Now it is commanding more than many assignments, from Hotels, Condominiums, Factories, Warehouses, Commercial/ Office Buildings , Embassies, Schools and Clubs.